Friday, October 17, 2008

From the White Gardens at Duke

Daily Practice

Thank all of you for your kind and truly generous and incredible encouragement and kind words ... I am humbled by your kindness and thank you profusely ....!

The painting here is from the White Gardens at Sara Duke Botanical Gardens ... I am enamored with the various natural textures as they contrast with human-made objects... It is such a blessing to be able to visit the many oustanding arboreta in this one area of North Carolina!

When I began attempting 'visual' art through collage work a few years ago, I met a group of incredibly talented women from all over the US ... We became close friends and each year, the group of us would meet in Rhode Island for a long weekend of 'arting' .... I haven't been able to make that trip in a few years, but this weekend, one of the 'girls' is taking some classes nearby, and we're meeting for lunch! I can't wait to see her after all this time!

My daughter and her family are also heading this way for a visit, and my son and his children will be here as well.

My gracious, it feels like Christmas!!


squawmama said...

Lin… Love this painting… It is just bursting with color and makes me want to be outside enjoying the fall colors… Thanks,


Joan said...

Lin - I love the riot of colors surrounding the white post with the birdhouse!!!! Have fun with your friend and your family!

Teri C said...

This is so serene and wonderful!

Jona said...

Nice autumn colors in your sketch.
Wonderful that you have the opportunity to meet an art friend. :)