Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Garage Play Pen

The Garage Play Pen
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I've been asked to see the Play Pen C created for Boots' Babies within our garage ... here it is -- and you can see that they babes have adjusted beautifully.

They've eaten, played, and I've put some of Emily and Nick's plastic toys in there too, and they've been having a ball. Some of them have even begun using the litter pans!

They've developed new game called "King of the Basket" where they jump up and 'claim' dominance on top of the strawberry plant. Fun to see and watch.

Of course, the Strawberry plant no longer looks so good ....


Anonymous said...

Oh what a perfect place for them -- all the comforts of home including safety! I hope the time passes quickly until they can be reunited with their Mom!!! Charles was such a sweetie to do this and it was a great idea. What lucky kitties.

Teri C said...

So adorable. Your own day care center.