Friday, October 24, 2008

Grape Play

Grape Play
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Daily Practice - Tonight - Play!

I've been a huge fan of Karlyn Holman for a long time ( and will be taking more classes from her when she's in Raleigh next month. Karlyn is a fabulous watercolorist, and what I enjoy most is her sense of 'play.' Karlyn has an incredibly spontaneous perspective to painting, and is open to using mixed media, unusual 'brushes,' stamps, collage and miscellaneous materials in her work and encourages others to consider trying these alternatives.

When I first began my journey into visual art, I began with collage - loving the various textures, found objects, inclusion of inks, paints, napkins and more to create a pleasing image. So I'm rather enamored with that side of visual art, but since I've been determined to learn traditional watercolor methods, I haven't 'played' as much as I might have. Until last night.

Inspired by Karlyn's grapes painting, I went hunting for some of my own grape leaves, now golden yellow and turning quickly to crunchy brown, and used those to 'stamp' the watercolor onto the paper. Unlike the acryllic paint I'd stamp onto my shirts, watercolor was very WET and far less easy to control. So I stamped and drew a bit, stamped a bit more.

The result was too light and abstract, and so I used some negative painting methods to darken, enhance, fill in some of the 'open' areas left by the watery stamping. I added some drawn and brush-painted grapes, splatter, and if I were playing even more, would have added some fibers simply for play.

I'm fairly happy with the result, though I fight myself for not being 'totally traditional -- meaning using only a brush" ... but I'm getting over that, I hope! LOL


laureline said...

I LOVE this!!! Such light! This is just gorgeous, Lin! I like the fact, too, that you're being playful in the processes you're using.

squawmama said...

OMG!!! Lin I love this one... I am really into the Tuscan look and this falls right into my alley... Beautiful.... your great!


Joan said...

Lin - I love this!!! Sounds like it was a lot of fun to do. I had checked out Karlyn's website when you told me you were taking the class with her. Great autumnal colors in this!!!! Keep playing!

Sherry said...

Lovely Lin. I've never taken a class from Holman, though she teaches here often, and lots of local painters swear by her. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. And so like K's! I love her work too. And yours is just wonderful. So glad you took the time to play. You should play more!!! I love the brightness, the colors, the whole effect. Zazzle this for sure!

Teresa said...

Full of life, sparkle, color and zest! Great job!!

Teri C said...

It's beauteous! So colorful and free. Her book is on my 'to buy' list, I need it NOW!

Sandy said...

Is there nothing you can capture perfectly??? Amazing work here, just amazing!!

Linda said...

I think it's fun that you're trying new things! Very light and cheery. :-)

clare said...


Jona said...

This is fabulous. Such rich foliage and background. Great result of your playing with different techniques.