Sunday, October 05, 2008

Harvest Time

Harvest Time
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It seems everywhere we went yesterday, 'harvest' is an emphasis.

With little time to paint, I sketched these from a photo I took during a visit to Raleigh's Farmers Market ...

The cool evenings have begun to change the foliage colors in earnest ....I even spotfed a few reds yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Nice painting!And with as busy a weekend as you are having! It's still so hot and dry here; can walk outside and smell the forest fires from here!!! Send rain!!!

Teri C said...

A lovely harvest bucket! Will we see some red leaves here soon?

squawmama said...

Hi just visited your blog... your paintings are lovely... where are you located in NC that you are seeing some color?

We stayed in Franklin last year and I just loved it...

I am adding you to my favorites... Come by and visit me


Joan said...

Beautiful basket and shadow!!! It is getting cool here...I wore gloves on my morning walk yesterday!

Jona said...

Nice sketch, Lin. Like the surface the basket is lieing on. It shows you can handle the brush and color well.

Thank you for your coment about shadows on my painting. Well, I wasn't even sure about their position. Also thx for the tip about darkening part of the shadow. :))

Have a nice week.

Linda said...

Harvest themes abound here, too. This is really lovely, and I loved your flower bouquet, also!

Joan Y said...

Oh yummm!I love how you painted the basket holding such succulent bounty!