Monday, October 20, 2008

Morning Light

Morning Light
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Sneaking quietly out the back door to walk the short distance to the garage yesterday morning to feed the kittens, this morning light greeted me and made me stop in my tracks to watch the sun 'light up' my woodlands. The painting itself isn't as vivid and is a far paler yellow than this is showing on my monitor this morning, but I had the dickens of a time trying to get the greens, blues and yellows to balance from my scan and more closely represent the painting. Still, the woods were backlit with clear, bright sunlight and one tiny shrub was almost white in the dazzle. Sure made getting up early and facing the cold worthwhile! LOL

We're off again today to the State Fair to take in the horticulture exhibits, so I'll be away from the computer until either late tonight or tomorrow morning ... I can't remember fall being as busy last year! LOL

It's VERY cold today - in the mid 30s ... figures we'd be outdoors this cooler week instead of last when the temps were in the 70s! LOL


squawmama said...

LOVE IT!!! you do such beautiful work... it is nice you have such a beautiful area in the back yard.. Have fun at the fair... and try to stay warm...


Teri C said...

In one word......GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvia Jenstad said...

Wow... this is an amazing painting ... great colours... very cool

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is spectacular! I know that feeling of seeing a beautiful patch of light and wanting to paint it...but you actually did it! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh these kinds of things are so hard to capture and you have done an outstanding job. It's breathtaking! Bravo and thanks for sharing that special moment with all of us. I stand in awe!!

Jona said...

Despite the big amount of trees, the painting looks fresh and has an appealing atmosphere. Kinda mystic as well. Great grass in the foreground, great trees, ...well, great everything. Beautifully painted.