Monday, October 06, 2008


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Another addiion to my kitchen walls. It turned out a bit stiffer than I'd prefer, but I suppose that's why I keep practicing! LOL

Weekend seemed to fly by -- but we scratched a LOT of items off our chore list and I did manage a bit of painting. But these last warm days, I, like so many others, long to lengthen the days with a bit more relaxation...! Here's hoping NEXT weekend is a bit slower ....!


Anonymous said...

Oh it's beautiful and should really accept your yellow walls! The flowers are really exceptional Lin!!!

squawmama said...

OMG... how lovely... I am crazy about it and my daughter who just loves sunflowers would be drooling over it... Get Job///


Teri C said...

FABULOUSLY beautiful Lin. The flowers are stunning and the pot leaves me speechless!!

Joan said...

Beautiful arrangement of sunflowers!!! I have some at home that I should paint before they start to go bad.

Teresa said...

Beautiful, Lin! Love your color choices.. it has that rich, yellowy fall sunshine look!

Jona said...

Simply beautiful, Lin. Heart-warming colors. The painting glows!!

Odd Chick said...

Because you are one of my favorite blogs to visit for art and inspiration, I've left you an award on my blog. I checked to see if this was one you had not received and it didn't look like you had received it yet. I hope by listing you, that others get the pleasure of seeing your beautiful sketches.

Linda said...

Beautiful, Lin!