Monday, October 13, 2008


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It's been an incredibly busy weekend with preparations for company later this week, finalizing paiintings for the exhibit, rearranging furniture and the like, delivering paintings to Elodie Farms for some of their planned events, chores, and more, and so I'm slowly working on photos from the plein air trip as I've had far too little free time at the painting table.

I was able to finish this shot of Target this weekend -- seen here with her/his feet in the strawberry basket ... the leaves of which, now are long gone ....

The week is going to be as busy as the weekend -- today is a full day of faculty development and tomorrow the Arboretum is hosting a trip to the Botanical Gardens and Science Museum, so I won't be near a computer until Wednesday ... But the weather is supposed to absolutely glorious -- warm, sunny and perfect for our travels ...

Have a great week!


squawmama said...

The painting of Target is so cute... you really do a beautiful job on your artwork.. Lovely


Anonymous said...

Oh this is SO adorable -- another candidate for Zazzle! What a great job you did -- he/she looks so fluffy and kittenish!
Have a good week. We'll miss you!

Teri C said...

This is so adorable Lin. I love your take-off into animals.

caseytoussaint said...

I'm glad you took the tile to finish this, Lin!
Very cute kitten, and such masterfull use of the watercolor medium.

Joan said...

Target looks so captured him perfectly!!!

Carole said...

Oh gorgeous! More kittens please!

Jona said...

Lovely portrait of Target. The cat looks so cute. I like the colors you've chosen. That greens and browns really make a serene scene.
Hope you'll paint each of the kitties.