Thursday, October 30, 2008

Teresa and I

Teresa and I
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It never fails to thrill me to finally meet someone with whom I've only spoken on line in 'real' life. Yesterday was such a time for me!

Teresa ( and I have been 'chatting' for several months but only yesterday were able to meet for dinner! There is something about written correspondence, I think, that lets one know just how many things you have in common with another -- somehow, and I wish I knew just HOW, one can 'tell.' And this 'knowing' didn't fail us yesterday.

Teresa drove up from her home in NC to my office and from the very meeting, we laughed, chatted, shared stories,and didn't stop talking until well past sundown. What a true JOY! And such a delightful, beautiful woman.

After a light dinner, we drove to Clayton to visit the gallery (we're standing by my painting -- and yes, I really am that short! LOL), and spent a good hour viewing the wonderful paintings, pottery, and other sundry items displayed. We laughed and giggled so much that the owner of the gallery joined us in the merriment ...!

It was a fabulous evening, and one I truly hope we can repeat again soon! Thank YOU, Teresa for making the trip -- and keep on writing your wonderful blog!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a delightful day/evening for you. I'm so happy you two were able to meet and share so much joy, laughter and common interests.

Teri C said...

I agree, it is so fun to meet an online friend!

Jona said...

So nice to read about this wonderful friendship. Happy you spent such a marvellous time together.