Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Venice Door

Venice Door
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My dear friend Jona (http://jona-sunnydays.blogspot.com/)
graciously sent me some photographs of her trip to Venice -- including this incredible door. THANK YOU JONA! If you haven't seen her blog -- check it out -- terrific work!

If all goes well, I will be in Tuscany and Venice next year on a two week art trip (fingers, toes, eyes and ears crossed!!! LOL), and so I keep trying to get in a bit of architecture and water practice .. and Jona's photographs have inspired me to keep trying these topics!

The fair yesterday was terrific! The day started out mighty cold (for me!) and wound up being in the 60s -- fabulous weather to be among crowds, fair-food, and super displays of our state's agricultural heritage. The horticultural gardens (small plots designed and landscaped by individuals, schools, professionals, were the epitome of inspiration - and we've been invited to participate next year. We'll defnitely consider it! I loved seeing the competitions too -- everything from food and animals to humongeous pumpkins and sweet potatoes and apples to arts and crafts. Old timey farm implements and equipment, displays of bees and hives, flowers, and so much more. A harvest celebration to be sure!


Shirley said...

Your door and especially the water is fabulous. You appear ready for the challenge and I can't wait to see the results of your trip!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

I love the door!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Great job on the door! And like Shirley said the water if fab.

I agree, 60 is too cold for a fair....... of any kind!

squawmama said...

That is so beautiful... I love any thing that is Italian or Tuscan.

Glad you had such a great time at the fair...


Teri C said...

Beautiful job on this Lin. Jona is such a sweetie.

Carole said...

Lin, this is terrific! I love the stone work, the colour of the water, and the reflections in the water. It's very beautiful, and makes me want to go to Venice!

Joan said...

Wonderful doorway and water!!! You look like you're ready to paint Venice now!

Anonymous said...

There's just some magic you do with doors and this is no exception. Wonderful job Lin.

Jona said...

Wonderful, Lin!!!
The water is fabulous!! and you created a great sense of depth! Beautifull door and walls, great choice of colors and beautifully painted. I'm glad you liked the photo. :) I LOVE your rendition!:)

You are making publicity to me, Lin? ;) Thank you! :) Way too kind description of my humble tries in watercolor.
Thank you for your support!!