Monday, October 27, 2008

Water in the Rock - Sicily, Italy

It was another intense weekend with a lot of focus on readying the rest of my framed paintings to be hung at the Clayton Library next Saturday. Lists, pricing, final wiring, final selections all had to be checked before boxing up the bunch.

This is an painting of a wonderful fountain we found during our trip to Sicily several years ago. The name of the property in Italian mean "Water in the Rock" - apparently referring to this spring. I painted this several times, still not achieving the wonder we felt when we saw this ... but getting closer!

We're expecting a hard freeze this week, so in between laundry, chores and the rest, took down the last of our still producing tomatos (those Italian Juliet, olive-shaped tomatoes produced exceeding well!!!), gathered the last of the wild persimmons, and tried to paint a bit.

Next week we replace the heater and air conditioner for both upstairs and downstairs since they're not working as efficiently as they should, so I expect another full weekend.

Temperatures are cold at night, dipping into the 30s and 40s -- but afternoons have been in the 50s and 60s and very pleasant. We've about reached the peak color for my trees, and last night as the sun was setting, the blaze of yellow/gold was truly spectacular!

Have a great week! And thank you for your generous congratulations yesterday!!!

PS - Boots and Babes are doing very well!! The babies are exploring the area, and Momma Boots keeps reigning them in .. they're hilarious as they learn about climbing trees, jumping from the porch, and playing ball with the


Anonymous said...

What a lovely spot and so much to it. You've executed a very detailed painting so well -- I can almost feel myself there!
Beautiful. So sorry about the H&C systems. Both at once.Yikes!

squawmama said...

Beautiful... You know who I love those Italian or Tuscan paintings...


Teri C said...

Another beauty!! Love your Italian paintings. Well, I love all your paintings.

Joan said...

Lin - I have a few of your paintings to catch up on today since I was away over the weekend. I love the texture of the wall in this one!!!! Very Sicilian!!

Jona said...

A very warm and atmospheric painting. Perfect wall and great foliage... the foliage in the the right up corner is pure perfection!! I absolutely love the red flowers!!

Can't wait to read the following posts that I missed tomorrow.