Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Blue Vase

The Blue Vase
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Daily Practice
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Empty bowls, empty vases remind me this time of year to fill them all --- with the spirit of giving - the peace of the season - the love of friendship.

I painted this several weeks ago as tonal practice ... but I post it today because of what it reminds me to do especially as Christmas approaches and so many 'bowls' go empty.

Thank each of you for your kindnesses - and may the peace of the season fill your hearts to overflowing ....

And may we each remember to pass it on ...

Blessings .....


Lorraine said...

Wow!!! Excellent job Lin. The grapes on the left look truly 3-D and I love the shape, the shading, the perfect lines and the color.
BRAVO. And what lovely sentiments too. You are such a kind and thoughtful person.
Big hugs,

Teri C said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just simply GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Simply stunning with an equally powerful message!
Merry Christmas!