Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Abstract - Inspired by Denis Collette

Daily Practice

Sometimes it's just too difficult to find words or subject matter that fits a feeling --- sometimes all one has is emotion and ideas and thoughts that can't coalesce into a recognizable subject to paint or even write.

As I've mentioned before, Denis Collette's photography ( can often trigger these feelings in me --- and so this abstract is my reponse to viewing some of his work as well as the holiday season. I wanted an expression of a bit of snow (we got a dusting last night!), that wonderful night blue that seems to come on snowy evenings, the sparkle and colors of Christmas lights - the glitter, the solemnity, the mystery. The feeling ...

This kind of painting is new to me ... and though I can't say what I like about it besides the colors and textures .. somehow it speaks the season triggered by some incredible work by Denis. Thank you again, Denis ...!!!

The snow didn't amount to much but a coating on the shrubs and steps so I'm off to the last workweek before holiday break ...

Hope you have a great day and that you too -- feel the season!


Lorraine said...

WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Gorgeous and so well described by your feelings. If Denis is watching, I'm sure he's proud. I love his work too. Thank you for sending me his link. Your painting is perfect for a Monday -- perfect for the 3-4" of snow we got yesterday and last night, and perfect for that feeling of: oh no, it's already Dec. 13th and I'm so far behind in everything!!! So colorful it's exposive. Snow crystals are like holiday lights or light reflections on the snow -- Bob Burridge would love it too!!

Sorry you didn't get more snow; wish you had ours and we had yours!!
Big hugs,

Joan said...

This has all the sparkle and shine of the holiday season!!!!!!! Yahoo! I find it very hard to work abstractly, but you do it so well!! Great job!

We had lots of rain yesterday, but luckily it didn't put a damper on our show at all. It was really a lot of fun!

Have a great day!

freebird said...

It's simply bursting with excitement! Love it.

Teri C said...

Lin, you have outdone yourself with this GORGEOUS abstract!!! It just vibrates with excitement.