Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Granville Barn in Late Fall

Granville Barn in Late Fall
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The rains have arrived along with strong winds, and outside our mobile unit office, the winda scream .... right now, the temperatures are mild - in the mid 50s -- but as the winds leave us later today, our temps will drop below freezing.

I continue to paint fall colors, trying new methods to loosen up, working still with rich wet into wet blends. I am so reluctant to leave my favorite season despite the bare trees before me ...

Today and tomorrow are mighty busy - I have a class to work with for a colleague, setting up and teaching tonight's soap crafting workshop, Plant a Row for the Hungry tomorrow morning and tomorrow night's Body Products class. I'll be off the computer most of the day and night and home late tomorrow ... I'll catch up on Friday, I hope!

Stay warm and dry today ... winter is howling in ...


Lorraine said...

Soft and lovely. You seem to be following the path of fall as the days go by your paintings grow less vibrant and more loose, indicating that fall is losing it's grip, in reality, and in your memory -- fall is fading away as you perfect your new style. What a perfect combination. Love the splatter, the fence, the little building and of course the fading fall colors. You really know how to caputure the changing of the landscape.
Big hugs and pace yourself,

Teri C said...

It is so beautiful and serene. I want to sit here and just look at it.

Joan said...

Great colors!!! I love your barn paintings...they have that feel of time and place that are quickly slipping away.

The storm has reached us. We are expecting some heavy rain and winds today, so I won't be plein air painting. lol

Have a great day!