Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Table

Holiday Table
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Ah,Christmas is acomin' .... the cooking is almost done, gifts wrapped, errands --- well, almost done --- and in the weather forecast - snow for Christmas -- an event for our area in NC that hasn't been seen in over 30 years .. so we'll see. It's been an unusual weather year to be sure!

Thank you all - each of you - for your most kind comments - your words encourage me, like nothing else - to keep painting and sharing my journey... bless you for your generosity!

With all the cold we've had the last two months, today is going to be a balmy mid-50F ... so I hope to get in an outdoor walk instead of my noisy treadmill.

Hope your day is filled with wonderful scents and sights of the season ...


Lorraine said...

Oh what a lovely and festive painting. I love how the red, yellow and green play off each other and bring my eye in a circle around the painting. Love the splattering and the way you've painted the greenery. Bright and glowing!!

50's wow. We got up into the 30's yesterday afternoon but another hard freeze and cold temps are coming. Brr; it's going to be a long winter.

Glad you are getting all your holiday preparations done and still have time to share with us your gorgeous paintings.
Big hugs,

Teri C said...

A beautiful holiday table indeed!!

Joan said...

Lovely still life!!! Looks like I could lift it up and use it on my table.

We are a day's drive from home. Virginia still has some snow on the ground, and it is a bit frosty. I should be home tomorrow night, just in time to make a special Christmas Eve dinner and a few more cookies.

We had a great time with my brother's family and the new baby in GA. He is so cute!

Thanks for sharing so much of your work with us. Your talent is wonderful to see. I'm hoping to get on the computer tomorrow evening, but if I don't, have a wonderful Christmas with your family.