Thursday, December 09, 2010

Inspired by Denis Collette and Fall's Night

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Inspiration can come from so many different places -- the snow, the light on a subject, a mood -- and lately for me, the photography of Denis Collette ( His images stir my imagination and make me look at the world in a different way .... THANK YOU so much, Denis!

This piece, done quickly last night, doesn't quite have the sparkle of his photographs -- but is a mere SUGGESTION of a way of looking at the world that I want to explore .. so again, THANK YOU Denis for the inspiration!

Yesterday was a blur of running and today is another filled with meetings ...with the holidays so quickly approaching, even the weekend promises to be filled with obligations and preparations. Painting time will be short -- sigh ....

Stay warm!


Lorraine said...

Ooh, love the color combination and the sparkle and the light, the abstract quality and the dark, and and and. Wonderful Lin.

Teri C said...

These colors are luscious! Just beautiful.