Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Island Sunset

Island Sunset
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The cold weather has me dreaming of warm places....and though snow is still on the ground after our storm, we're expecting temps to rise to the mid-50s this weekend. We're swinging from temps in the teens to the 50s! Gracious! Pretty unusual for us to have that much of a temperature change during the winter months.

I've a few days off this week so it'll be catch up on chores, visits with our other grands, and a bit of painting.

Hope your week is filled with the things you love to do!


Lorraine said...

Oh gorgeous -- that glow in the sky and in the reflection just blows me away. The whole painting is a beautiful study in contrasts -- bravo!!!

Big hugs,

Joan said...

Wow!!! Beautiful job on this!!! Perfect sunset colors. I'd happily sit there. It is still too cold here and and there is far too much snow on the ground. Enjoy your time off.