Friday, December 03, 2010

Snow Fence on Sunken Meadow Beach Park

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

The dawn is just breaking. I can see from my upstairs window the first cold light of day against the dark silouettes of bare tree limbs. The heater hums, the coffee perks, and my kitties are still nestled together in their basket on the porch. I can tell from the morning light alone that the day is cold, and that when I serve the kitties their meal in about an hour, their water bowl will be frozen. We may have snow tomorrow.

Still, the week with my sisters and Mom reminds me of milder weather -- a mere 7 days ago! Blue skies, the sand of beaches, the cooling sea. I painted this last week, and looking at it again this morning, I am transported back to those early morning hikes, the incredible bakery goods found no where else in the world, the family I miss.

Our last workshop for the year went extremely well last night. The entire lab space at the Arboretum was filled with the warm, rich scent of herbs and fragrance oils ... and folks left with a gift bag of hand cream, bath salts, powder, sachets, teas ... and a sampling of herbal breads and teas -- fun!

In addition, earlier yesterday, our Plant a Row for the Hungry went home with containers of herbs for their windowsills -fruits of their labor to be enjoyed all winter. AND we still managed to provide almost 6 pounds of greens, carrots and radishes to the food bank.

I got back home mighty late...but was graced with no traffic and a clear ride back to Oxford.

There has been scant time to paint this week - but I did manage to splash around a bt of watercolor during a hasty lunch and hastier dinner. The paintings didn't turn out well -- but nonetheless, for those brief minutes, the act of moving pigment and water across a bright white page, was one of the most relaxing times of the week.

We've a far less hectic schedule from now until Christmas as we wind up 2010 and open the exciting classes we've planned for 2011. But today - rest, and hopefully, a quiet time at the art table.

Stay warm -- and keep those brushes wet!


Lorraine said...

I love the rich colors in the foreground balanced by the darker blue of the water and distant lighter blue of the sky. And I love love love the way my eye travels down the dunes on the beach, from left to right and then back to the water and then up and down the sweeping sky. Gorgeous!

Glad everything went so well yesterday and that you had a safe and easy trip home -- especially as it was after a long, tiring week.Glad that you are now safely at home for some weekend R&R. Rest, paint and enjoy your time.

And oh yes, those bakeries I remember so well, and the delicatessans -- nothing like them!

We had a bit of rain then snow and lots of accidents on the iced over bridges on the highway yesterday. Very cold and sunny today but dry roads - what a relief!
Big hugs,

Joan said...

This just made me smile!!! Your pieces from the trip are so good! Glad you had so much inspiration when you were up here...and so many great family memories too.

Glad to hear all your activities went well. Hope you get to relax soon...ah, but then there is Christimas to get ready for. lol

We had sun and milder weather yesterday, so I was able to finish a plein air I had started last week, and when I got home it was still warm enough to hang up a few outdoor decorations.

Enjoy your day!

Teri C said...

I just love the colors in here. Beautiful!