Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Field - Inspired by Denis Collette and Today's Snow

Quarter Sheet
Watercolor 140#CP

Ice, rain, sleet, snow closed many schools and businesses yesterday. The 'wintery mix' caused over 100 traffic accidents and made quite a mess on the highways. The snow itself, heavy, icy, noisy upon falling, coated the trees and shrubs, steps and landscape -- and yet wasn't as pretty as the snow we had two weeks ago. In fact, I didn't take my first photograph! LOL

But it, and an image from Denis (, did inspire this painting. With more time at home during this holiday season, I can work a bit larger than my travel journal pages.

The snow is melted from most of the highways, though we still have a solid layer of ice covering the grasses. I'm off today for a shopping 'date' with my son ...

Stay safe and warm!


Joan said...

Gorgeous and seasonal!!!! I always love the contrast of the white snow and the grasses poking out. You are getting enough snow to really practice snow painting this year.

Hopefully driving this morning will be better than yesterday. Sounds like you had similar weather to what we had driving for our last 120 miles or so. Stay safe, warm, and above all enjoy your "date" with your son. We are off to complete our drive to my brother's house.

freebird said...

Nice painting. I love the blues and yellows while it's still about snow.

Hopefully the whole year won't be with such bad weather!

Lorraine said...

Lovely and glad that you are working "larger." The fall foliage clinging to the trees and shrubs and poking up through the snow make such a lovely contrast with the white and shadows of the snow. And oh my that craggy old tree - superb!

Everything here is coated with ice. We've only had one power outage in the city but not here thankfully. But it's difficult to get around and my street is sheer ice. I'm staying in, again!!!
Be safe and warm,