Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snow on the Beach - THANK YOU AG!

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP
White Indian Ink (Bombay)
Winsor Newton WC

My thanks and gratitude go to my friend, AG, who kindly allowed me to paint her photograph! What fun!!! I live over three hours drive from the ocean and with temps at 50F yesterday, every bit of our snow was gone ... So painting this scene was extra pleasurable -- a trip to the beach, SNOW, and a wonderful view -- thank you, AG!!!!

I also had a fabulous surprise! My son came for an unexpected visit! With two children, a fiancée, a demanding job, our times together tend to be hurried and not often enough. What a joy to simply spend TIME with one's grown children - interacting as adults, as friends - yet with all the history and understanding that once living together can bring.

We played a few word games, he taught me even more about my new telephone (sometimes I feel like a dinosauric techno-nothing), and found some computer games for the grands when they come to visit next week - all of those showing me once more how quickly they are growing and learning.

I know we 'older folks' continue to say this over and over - and I can't help but repeat it - there is no other gift in the world more precious than kindness and the TIME spent with those we love -- be it children, siblings, parents, friends, pets. That one precious commodity is IRREPLACEABLE, rare and so very cherished. And yet, makes every bit the difference.

May we all find a bit of time to spend with those we love today ....and make it a time of joy and laughter ...


Lorraine said...

WOW and WOW again -- from the soft colors of the sky to the sparkling snow on the beach -- a totally gorgeous painting Lin. I love all the colors and oh my how you have painted those terrific wind-blown grasses. The details -- wow -- the details -- so realistic looking -- like a photograph!!! And oh wow the splashing water -- the foam -- Love love love it.
Big hugs,

Lorraine said...

Whoops, meant to say "the foamy look" DUH. Got too excited by the gorgeousness of it all!

Joan said...

Wow!!! Beautiful scene so well done by you!

Glad to hear you had a special visit. In my opinion Christmas means family. I was so glad I got to see my brother & his family this past week. The new baby is so cute!!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!