Saturday, December 11, 2010

Still Dreaming of Snow

Still Dreaming of Snow
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When the clouds cover the sun and the air is nippy enough to bite my fingers, I can't help but think we'd all be cheered at least - if we could at least have snow! I painted this partly from the snow last week and partly from imagination ... and mostly from HOPE! LOL

I suppose we like snow in the North Carolina piedmont because it doesn't linger very long. But last week's snow, believe it or not, is still in evidence in some of the low-lying areas -- as well as on my front steps! The saying here is that what snow lingers, it's waiting around for the next snowfall -- which won't be too far off ! So I"m hoping it's this weekend! LOL

Spent yesterday doing chores, car inspections, etc., and today will be filled with getting more fruit trees in the ground before the rain this afternoon, getting our holiday preparations closer to completion, working on a grant for work...etc. Seems like there are more things to rush around with this time of year.

Hope your day is restive!!!!


cristina dalla valentina said...

Lin, I find that this watercolor is fantastic! I love the contrast between the loose background and the play of the branches on the foreground... and the colors are so armonious... very, very beautiful!

Teri C said...

This just glistens and sparkles! Gorgeous!!!

Joan said...

I love the soft tones in this!!! Beautiful job! You really seem to have fallen in love with the idea of snow. lol

Enjoy your weekend!

Lorraine said...

Yet ANOTHER beautiful snow scene -- gorgeous Lin. You have really mastered this -- between your imagination and your eyes, the wonder and beauty of the snow scenes have traveled down your arms, into your hands, and fingers and created a beautiful painting. Thank you!

I think you're right about the saying. We still have snow here in place and more is predicted tonight after rain.

Good luck with the trees.
Big hugs,

freebird said...

Really pretty painting. You sound very busy. I made bread pudding and printed out the cards I finished designing last night. That's my big day!