Saturday, December 04, 2010

Wishing for Snow

Wishing for Snow
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The house sleeps. The sun too is slowly rising, but even the kitties haven't begun their insistent scrambling on the porch that lets us know they want to be fed. The bit of light across the horizon shows grey clouds. Though we're only expecting a bit of flurries late tonight and no accumulation, by this time of the year when it's cold outside and the trees are bare, when the heater hums constantly and I yearn for a fire in the fireplace, my thoughts turn to snow.

I love painting snow ... and because I tend to paint snow day after day after day, I don't want to get started too early - or I'll have nothing different to post! LOLOL But I suppose since it is already December, I can play a bit with the white stuff .... lol

I'm also working toward a change in my 'typical' palette. I tend toward the warm side of things and I'd like to change a bit of that here and there as well. I've begun using a few different colors and giving those a bit more dominance ... so we'll see how all that turns out.

We've a few chores to complete today, but the weekend should be restive ... hope yours is too!


Lorraine said...

Oh my goodness -- this is breathtakingly gorgeous Lin. Hugh Huge Bravo!

I love love love the new colors and the contrast between lights and darks. And oh that sun and oh that sky and oh the many different layers to the landscape. The trees are terrific -- the shapes and flow of the lines in all aspects of the painting are tremendous. Oh my, you continually amaze me with your breadth of talent. This is one you should frame and exhibit for sure. Do you get the idea that I love it???
Big hugs,

Teri C said...

I have noticed that color change and I like it. So beautiful!

Joan said...

Wow!!! Gorgeous!! I like the sky...looks just like early morning, and the dark colors in the foliage. Beautiful work, Lin!

Hope your day is great!