Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fall Leaves

fall leaves
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TODAY, I was overjoyed to see that fall color had FINALLY made it to our woodlands! The golds had kissed the sweetgums and poplars; the maples were just turning orange; and the dogwoods were absolutely red-wine!

I parked the car in the middle of the driveway to dash outside and collect a few leaves to sketch tonight.

The left, a sweetgum, was one that had a bit of red that just was delightful (and YES, I didn't pay a lick of attention to the PROPER veining -- SIGH! and what I painted is wrong -- but oh well, that'll teach me to PAY ATTENTION AND SKETCH WHAT I SEE!!! lol)

The leaf on the right is a winged sumac -- green veins in the center circled with rich reds!



Anonymous said...

Really nice journal page!

Lorraine said...

Wrong veining; no such thing -- it's art!
Loosen up and just enjoy the process. They
are lovely -- as usual.

Brenda Y said...

Well I was going to make a comment about how nicely you've gotten the veining down. . . and then you say it's all wrong. Of course, I thought it was a maple leaf.
So. . . . Lin, these are really nice and I like the way you've laid the pigment in wet-in-wet.

wagonized said...

Gorgeous! I love how you painted around the leaves for your background. Very delicate and true to life !!

Renate said...

Wonderful colors and beautiful leaves!

Terri said...

Yes, absolutely the best time of year. Lovely Lin. Just lovely.

Teri C said...

More great leaves. Seems so funny to hear that your leaves are finally turning when Wisconsin leaves are already gone!