Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Grands

Watching my grandchildren play is probably one of the most endearing experiences of my life! How fast they learn and emulate those around them!

Here, Emily has learned motherhood at an early age ... the tender and gentle way she has with her doll absolutely brought tears to my eyes!

And Nick -- while he follows Emily and does whatever she does, he spent a good thirty minutes cooking and making sure he shared his meal with me! Oh how I love a man who cooks!


Lorraine said...

Oh they are SO adorable and so sweet. No wonder your heart soars with joy to spend time with them. I wonder if one can go directly to grandchildren without having had children???

Jana Bouc said...

Not only are they beautiful children but they are lucky to have a grandmother who treasures them so. What a treat to see children being sweet and tender, reflecting their own experience in life.

Patti Gramza said...

Both Nick and Emily are precious and priceless as is the time you share with them Lin!!!!!!!! Sweethearts one and ALL!

Renate said...

That's so sweet! I hope to have grandchildren too some day ...

Felicity said...

I agree with Jana, they are adorable and they are lucky to have YOU too! My eldest used to love cooking and took some classes after school, there were a couple of other boys there too. He loved it but now it's impossible for boys to learn it at school. Shame really, it's a necessary skill for when they leave home.

Penny said...

Lin they are absolutely gorgeous, I do wish I still ahd some younger ones, but I dont think I am ready to be a great gran yet!!
Love your fall sketches.

seastartrue said...

Your grandchildren are cute.
I have to laugh at lorraine's comment because I'm not sure you would enjoy grands so much, if you didn't have you own kids first.

They are so much fun.