Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Naked Ladies

naked ladies
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
GOTCHA! I'm referring to these bright orange/red lilies -- the common name for these leafless beauties. The flowers bloom first followed by the leaves.

Rebecca had these on her kitchen table last night -- the bright red/orange against the purple of ageratum and bright yellow fragrant lily!


Teri C said...

Great job Lin! Beautifully done. Love that title-bet you get a lot of attention with that.

SCquiltaddict said...

okay,,,you made my eyes pop with the name...lol...funnnnn....and i like the car...what is it???

Terri said...

Sounds and looks like a hot and spicy floral arrangement! Must have been really eye-catching - all that wonderful colour. Your rendition of them makes me smile, so I'm sure the real thing had the same effect on you too!

Felicity said...

Wonderful colours and the shapes too, must have been lovely!

Lorraine said...

Rebecca's garden must be prolific -- you've had so many lovely flower paintings from her table top displays. This one is so bright and vibrant and you did a great job on the vase!

Jana Bouc said...

So bright and cheery--they reminded me of fireworks when I first saw them.