Friday, October 13, 2006

Vietri Cup

vietri cup
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
Such a busy, intense, full-packed week - so I've arrived home pretty tired. I decided to sketch something a bit less complex than Venice, and so settled for my new Vietri cup. I just am so enamored with yellow ochre -- it reminds me of Italy with every sip of coffee!


Brenda Y said...

Now THAT'S a mug for java! Simple, but very nicely done. I like the yellow ochre colors too, very warm and inviting.

Lorraine said...

We can never have too many coffee mugs! LOL
I really like how you've got the highlights on this and the shadows. The only thing I'd
say is that coffee doesn't look quite strong enough to get MY day going!! LOL

wagonized said...

I like what you did with this one -- the top part especially, with the subtle little reflections.

Terri said...

Lin your blog is a visual treat! I've so enjoyed catching up with your work. :o)