Sunday, July 10, 2011

Farmers Market Sunflowers

Farmers Market Sunflowers by linfrye
Farmers Market Sunflowers, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

I reallly LOVE being home - even those weekends that are so filled with obligations and chores. I did manage to get a good deal done before our company and grands arrive in five hours - but the leisure to paint is something I still crave!! LOL I'm working on a larger piece and hope to get it completed before heading back to work in the morning.

This explosive splash and splatter is my response to the INCREDIBLE sunflowers we saw at the farmer's market last week! Oh my! The variations, sizes, shapes, even the shades of yellow -- absolutely DAZZLING! and my property has nary a one!!! I am just going to have to plant some next year -- !

I was just listening to NPR this morning about a woman in CA who 'dumpster dives' for plants - all that tossed away plant material that retailers don't want to nurse back to health or which don't meet the 'standard' to sell. She's rescued HUNDREDS of plants ... from roses to kale! Now THAT"S something to think about! LOL And I thought I was being smart replanting flowers and veggies from my compost pile!! LOL

Got to get going this morning ... have a sunshiney day!


Katiejane said...

Okay, you've made my day!

Teri C said...

Even more beautiful than the real ones!

Lorraine said...

Whew -- that was like opening up the door and gazing directly into the sunlight on a hot, blazing afternoon. WOW. Love the impressionistic look. I imagine that's how the sunflowers feel out there under this relentless sun!

Stay cool.