Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lighthouse in Color

Lighthouse in colors  by linfrye
Lighthouse in colors , a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

This painting is another from the Wet Canvas class conducted by Virgil Carter. I thought after yesterday's heat, I'd post something a bit cooler! LOL The goal of this workshop is to learn to paint loosely and more colorfully - and for me, painting buildings has always been a challenge. I am learning, though not yet where I'd like to be with them, to soften those hard edges a bit, and color variation certainly helps.

I sure wish I were at that beach though --that cooling water, even with a hot sun, would be mighty welcome.

We got a bit of a shower last night - nothing much - far less than 1/4" of rain, but we're glad to at least have some moisture return to the baked soil. I've still got my fingers crossed that I will finally put my toes into the Atlantic before long .....

It's a dash back to the office today ...

Stay cool and safe from those thunderstorms! and thank you for continuing to support the Arboretum and the hungry through your votes!



Teri C said...

Wonderful lighthouse Lin. I love them and you did this great.

nanke's stuff said...

This is my first visit to you blog, and I just love your loose style with your paintings. They're so beautiful! nancy

Claire M said...

What a beautiful view of this lighthouse. I really like the loose style that you've used.

Joan T said...

Nice lighthouse! Sorry about the heat. We have been lucky here. Ciao!

Lorraine said...

Yum. I like this loose style and the colors. The perspective is great Lin -- congrats! I know you must be enjoying the class -- it shows in your paintings of late. It's always fun for me to learn something new but lately that's not been happening LOL.

Stay cool.

Teresa said...

Lovely, Lin!

How are you? You know, of course, that it's way too hot for me :-)