Monday, July 18, 2011

Watery Reflections

Watery Reflections  by linfrye
Watery Reflections , a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

Our short respite from the summer heat is above over and we're expecting temps and humidity to rise to the high 90s and 100s ... The changes already have me pining for the relief of cool water ....

We've about finished with the last round of fruit preservation and it's another week of classes and meetings.

Stay cool and have a great week ...!



Cora said...

I have been visiting your blog for a long time already. And I like your drive on learning new technique on painting especially in watercolor. Did you paint this piece based on the lesson being given by Virgil R. Carter in WetCanvas. I found it fantastic. Is this purely wet on wet or together with wet on dry?

Teri C said...

Another beauty that shines and glistens!

Cora said...

Thank you very much Lin for your message that you sent to my blog. I'm familiar with Jean Haines'way of painting but not Ann Blockley's. I'll check her site. Over Virgil's technique, I'm reading what he's done in wetcanvas. Again thank you for responding and as always I'll continue visiting your blog.

Lorraine said...

OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH. I love love the shimmer and shine and coolness and the colors. Really gorgeous. It "almost" makes me feel cooler. Very hot and humid again here today but a storm is brewing so perhaps some relief???

I spent a large part of the day and evening in the dungeon yesterday, going through stamping/collage supplies and it was so much cooler down there.
Big hugs,