Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Zinnias from the Farmers Market

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

The vendors at the Durham Farmer's Market are so varied - from bison meat to herbs to flowers to cheese to fruits and vegetables, ducks, chickens, cooking demos, music, crafts - a visit to the market is a fun, entertaining, learning experience. These zinnias were grown by one such vendor - I had to take a photograph - their stall was busy and even getting close enough to take a photo was difficult! LOL Not only were the flowers fresh - but the arrangements were beautifully done. I LOVE the pinks and purples that seemed to be reflected in each of these flowers.

We wound up taking home far more than we had planned - corn, bison to try (like beef but not as rich in our opinon), melons (already in the dehydrator), cheese and bread. I had to forego the flowers - by the time we filled our bags - our wallets were empty! LOL

The 4th was a quiet celebration for us - putting up food, a quiet dinner, a movie. The humidity and heat were far too high for us, so we couldn't get to outdoor tasks until later in the day - and just before the thunderstorm and much needed rain.

It'll be a busy week at work since so many folks have taken this week as vacation ... We're expected rain each day - and for all of us who garden or farm - we are doing the happy rain dance!

Hope you have a great week - and don't forget to vote!



Jimmy said...

Um, wow. Looks very good! I recently went to browse some of the flower paintings. I loved some of them, and actually yours is one of the ones I prefer! Very nice colours, I really like your art. Voted for it!

International call

Lorraine said...

Still voting when it will let me!

I love love love zinnias but have not seen all the colors available. Yours are lovely Lin. You shop at the Farmers market the way I do, the essentials first, and if there's cash left, then the zinnias. I think I should buy the flowers instead -- might help my weight problem!!

I am still loving the way you are letting the colors drip and flow at the to the bottom of the page.

Hope you have a wonderful trip.