Monday, April 09, 2007

Quarterly Check on New Years Goals

My friend, Linda from "Quotidian Curiosities" suggested we check in with the goals we made at the first of the year and see how we're doing.

Here are the goals I listed:

* Sketch/paint daily* - Yep, I've been keeping this one!! YEAH!

* Practice more faces and figures - I've done a few more figures, but only a few faces this quarter .. I'm going to have to revisit this goal and step up practice!!

* Sketch more scenes from daily life - pretty much. I've been sketching a lot of things from the Arboretum -- my daily view!

* Sketch the everyday - recognizing the extraordinariness of life - I could use focusing on this a bit more.

* Work through the many art books on my sheleves - I've been referring to these, but I have to be honest -- I haven't 'worked' through any yet!

* Practice more values and perspective* - YES, I have been practicing this!

* LOOSEN UP!! I'm WORKING on this! LOL

* Increase my economy of line and sketching speed - Another one I"m working on - but I still have such trouble LEAVING THINGS ALONE and stopping before I fiddle my paintings to death!

* Use richer colors - but keep them transparent - I've been using much more darks and more intense colors -- but I'm not sure I'm succeeding in keeping them as transparent as I'd like.

* Sketch more things of meaning - Somewhat -- I've been sketching flowers, which I love -- but I could use to do more meaningful things BESIDES flowers!! LOL

* Increase my journal entries - especially more writing - hmmmm.... not writing as much as I should be.

* Improve page compositions - working on this a bit.

and as always: PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! OH YES!! Doing this a lot!

Overall, I see where I've focused and where I've slipped from my original goals. Good idea -- thanks Linda!


Jana Bouc said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading all that. How do you remember all of those? Since there's 12 of them they could lend themselves to having one be focus each month (though the years a quarter over.) Now I'm curious to go back and look at my goals. I don't even remember if I set any or what they were if I did. But I don't seem to have any difficulty having something to work on every day as it arises.

Africantapestry said...

Lin, I'm so grateful for the ocean between us...this could be contagious! I admire you for doing so much! Good for you, keep it up, I'm enjoying looking at what you do!

Daily105 said...

Wow, you have a loftier goal than I do. My daily goal for April is to play blackjack and win $500. So far I have not done so well. LOL!!! I was becoming cocky, so this $5000 setback was in a way good for me.


Laura said...

You are SO dedicated and I admire you tremendously. You've made wonderful progress. Keep going, cara, you're on the right path.

Diahn said...

Yes, Linda's post made me check up on my goals as well. I'm still mad at her :D. I don't have nearly so many, but I've probably not accomplished as much, either! Good going Lin!

platitudinal said...

"Sketch/paint daily" … I am at awe that you can do this. It’s a monumental feat!

"Sketch more things of meaning - Somewhat -- I've been sketching flowers, which I love" ... But, Lin, those flowers are meaningful to you.

"Increase my journal entries - especially more writing" … a picture says a thousand words they say.

*I am very proud of you, Lin. You’ve accomplished much. I think you’ve been extremely focused. :)

Linda said...

Good work! I don't know how you've kept up with so many goals, either, but you seem to have! Now, you'll have to remind me to do a half year check-up at the end of June...

Felicity said...

Mouth open in awe!! I'm just amazed you do so much already!!

Terri said...

Lin, your work is absolutely wonderful these days. I can see so much growth! You should be a poster-child for goal setting. :o)